Isn't it time that you got a website that works?

Project Tips

What you should know.
Realize that taking your business to the 'net takes a lot of time and research on your part. You are responsible for every bit of content that will reside on your site, which means you must provide all wording material as well as relevent images excluding stock art or graphics provided by the design company. This can take some unplanned time. Some business owners do not prepare for the creation of their web presence properly and the project ends up becoming a long, frustrating ordeal for both the design company and business owner.

Three key mistakes when taking business to the Internet:
- having unrealistic expectations
- putting up the site and then doing little or nothing to improve the site
- not doing enough upfront planning

Points to consider:
- Who will be the target audience for my web site?
- What is the main goal or purpose of my web site?
- Am I prepared to update my site regularly to keep visitors returning?
- Do I have a product that I want to sell online?