Isn't it time that you got a website that works?

Marketing Your Site

I have a website, now what?
Congratulations on your decision to create a web presence. You are now accessible to the entire world, reaching many different audiences, making your web presence available to anyone, anywhere. Now, let’s get some people looking at your site!

How will people find my website?
Most people will find your site by you driving them to it, that is, your advertising of the site. However, search engines are often the starting point for surfers, so it is important to have your site registered with some of the major search engines. Most of the major search engines allow free site submission, but it may take up to two months for your site to begin showing up in search engine results.

Meta Tags and Search Engine Optimization
Meta tags are tags in the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language: language that allows a website to be viewable by a web browser) that tell a search engine spider and/or robot what your site is about and how to find your site via a search engine. Meta Tags include keywords as well as a description for your site. These keywords play a significant role in the retrieval of your site through a search engine search.